Gemeinsam auf dem Weg zum Rodeln
Gemeinsam auf dem Weg zum Rodeln

Activities in Oberstdorf

The central themes of a winter vacation in the mountains are skiing and snowboarding. And Summer lies the ground for hiking and biking. Besides sports, Oberstdorf offers cultural and music but sometimes it’s just nice to indulge in sweet idleness.


EVERYTHING centers on winter sports in the cold season. With winter sporting events like the four-hills ski jumping tournament, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, cross country skiing or winter walking – the possibilities seem unlimited.


In summer as in winter, numerous guests come to Oberstdorf in order to go hiking. 140 km of cleared trails and panoramic walks on the mountains “Nebelhorn”, “Fellhorn” and “Söllereck” await visitors with spectacular views into the valley as well as on the mountains tops.

Here you will find some hiking suggestion


With a lot of different routes Oberstdorf offers an unforgettable cycling experience, not only for extreme bikers.

Here you will find some cycling suggestions

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